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I-shaped or straight stairs

Compared to L shaped and U-shaped stairs, I-shaped stairs are the most affordable staircase solution. Also, the work related to measuring and installing I-shaped stairs is simpler and the risks are lower and can be performed even by a moderately experienced builder.

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Left turn I-stairs Image

Left turn I-stairs

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Right turn I-stairs

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose an I-shaped staircase?

If it is possible to solve the staircase in an I-shape, you can get the most affordable staircase, which is not difficult to measure or install for a carpenter with average work experience

What are the disadvantages of an I-shaped staircase?

An I-shaped staircase needs more interior space than other staircases.

How to navigate in the staircase terminology?

You can find information on our web platform under the Staircase terms button, there is both the text and the drawing for explanation

How to protect the stairs if construction work continues in the building?

In addition, you can order from us step covers to be installed on each step

How is the I-shaped staircase delivered?

The staircase is delivered in parts packed on a pallet. Our installation video gives a good overview of it

How can the safety of an I-shaped staircase be better ensured?

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