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Staircase formula 2H+B=63, what is it?

Did you know what the formula 2H+B=63 often found in the information materials of staircase manufacturers means? Using this formula, it is possible to find/check the optimal step height to depth ratio. H=step height and B=step depth.

See an example: Your staircase should comfortably take you from one floor to another with a height difference of 2450 mm. Suppose you divide this height by 14 steps. Therefore, the height difference (step height) of all steps of the staircase is 17.5 cm. You offer 30.0 cm for the depth of the step.

Let us check the operation of the formula: 2 * 17.5 + 30 = 65. If the value derived from the formula is close to 63, it is a comfortable and optimal staircase.

Frequently asked questions

Where are Stair24 stairs made?

Stair24 stairs are completed in the factories of Aru Grupp AS in Estonia.

How do I know that the stair dimensions I entered provide a proper and well-used staircase?

Our web platform step no. 5. Stairwell dimensions if the stair dimensions in step No 6 are recommended ranges of values for an important parameter (height of free passage of stairs, depth of stairs, rise of stairs, width of free passage of stairs, stair formula) of stair 5 on the taskbar. If, as a result of your choice, the values are still green, then the staircase is in compliance with requirements and comfortable to use. If, as a result of your choice, any of the important parameter values turns red on this bar, the staircase is no longer in compliance with requirements and comfortable to use. In this case, it must be considered whether it is possible to change the parameters of the stairs or to change the situation of the room structurally in order to achieve suitable values for the important parameters.

What affects the price of the stairs the most?

The price of the staircase is influenced by: the choice of materials, the size of the staircase, the choice of stair finish, delivery time

How is the quality of the stairs assessed?

The conditions related to the Stair24 product can be found under the button: Ordering conditions

Does Stair24 measure and install stairs?

STAIR24 measures and installs stairs only in areas where there is a partner. Partner information can be found in the map application. If there is no partner in the area, we strongly recommend ordering both stair measurement and stair installation from a trained carpenter.

Is it possible to change the order?

Once an order has gone into production, it cannot be changed. Please check the accuracy of the data carefully before ordering the staircase

Do you want to become a cooperation partner?

Stair24 is a prominent staircase sales platform where we offer a wide range of high quality staircases for various customers.

We are committed to providing the best service and are actively looking for professional partners in various regions who can ensure a smooth and pleasant customer experience. We are looking for professional partners in the regions to provide measurement, stair installation and customer service. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.

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