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The opportunity to add services will be available after the selection of products, step 8. 
The price of services and implementation time depends on the products chosen. 

For information – how STAIR24 calculates measurements?
Stair model, steps (1-4) – depending on the selected stair model and the shape of the aperture we recommend optimal measurements for the aperture and the stair.
Aperture measurements, step (5) – when entering new aperture measurements, the optimal stair measurements will be calculated, which will correspond to constructional standards.
Stair measurements, step (6) – when entering new stair measurements, the compliance of the stairs with the construction standards will be calculated, the problematic parameters will be shown by red texts and by going over the text with the cursor, we will provide information about the correction options.

STAIR24 offers the following services:

When you order measuring from STAIR24 then the entered dimensions are the basis for the calculation of the initial price.
The final specified dimensions will appear after the measuring by a representative from STAIR24.
The measuring will be carried out within one week after the order was placed and the prepayment paid.

On the Monday before the delivery week STAIR24 will send you an email that will include information about the completion of products and delivery.

STAIR24 will send you an email with the installation plan on the Thursday before the delivery week. Within the next 24 hours STAIR24 expects you to send back the confirmed installation plan in order to stay in the promised delivery schedule.
Sign the installation report immediately after installation has been completed.

After-sales service

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