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L- shaped or 90 degree turn staircase

Compared to I- and U-shaped stairs, L-shaped stairs are the most common. L-shaped stairs are the most compact in the solution and enable economical use of the building’s interior. L-shaped stairs are an important element of room interior design.

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Left turn L-stairs

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Right turn L-stairs

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose an L-shaped staircase?

An L-shaped staircase allows for a 90-degree turn, is compact and allows economical use of the interior.

How is the price level of an L-shaped staircase compared to other staircases?

An L-shaped staircase is more expensive than the equivalent I-shaped staircase, but cheaper than U-shaped staircase.

Is it better to have an L-shaped staircase with a landing or a fan shaped tread staircase?

It all depends on the customer’s wishes. A more modern staircase that makes faster movement on the stairs possible is a fan shaped tread staircase. A staircase with a landing is a bit cheaper and easier to install.

What preparation must the installer of an L-shaped staircase have?

The measurement and installation of an L-shaped staircase must be carried out by a carpenter with previous experience in stair installation, who has the necessary tools available.

Is it possible to order a finish that cannot be found on the STAIR24 page?

If you do not find a suitable staircase solution on our STAIR24 platform, please feel free to send us an e-mail with your request. STAIR24 specialists will inform you about our possibilities in each case.

Which tree species should be preferred as stairs?

We recommend using beech, oak and island as steps. We recommend the choice of pine only if the budget of the staircase is very limited.

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