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If You measure a staircase

STAIR24 recommend the following reminder:
  1. I involved professional carpenter to measure my stair
  2. Stair hole walls are ready, levelled, the corners all 90 degree
  3. The base floor of stair hole is ready, levelled
  4. I know, what will be the final hight of the finished floor
  5. I know the location of construction beams inside the wall to use them for stair connectors
  6. I know the exact location of different cables, pipes what are in the stair hole walls and floor
  7. The stair hole is free to enter for measuring
  8. I ensure the safety in measuring process

Instructions for measuring the stairs

In order to be able to offer you the most accurate price for the stairs, we need the dimensions of the stairs. Here we provide some instructions on how to achieve a more accurate result and what to measure.

  • Measure the height of the room from the floor of the first floor to the floor of the second floor
  • To construct a staircase, it is necessary to know both the height of the room and the thickness of the false ceiling
  • Please note that the width of the stairs cannot be wider than the width of the stair opening
  • According to the length of the stair opening and the height of the room, the stair designer calculates the length of the stairs so that there is enough passage space
  • The passage space is the measurement from the top of the step to the ceiling of the first floor (the height measurement between the imaginary line connecting the steps and the false ceiling)
  • Please provide the measurements in millimetres

Please enter the dimensions with information about the type of stairs in the price request form or send a free text to