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U-shaped staircase inquiry

    1. Choose a staircase model:

    Stairs with a landing.

    Winder stairs.

    2. Choose the material of the staircase:

    If you want to combine materials, describe your choice here:

    3. Choose the finish of the staircase

    If you wish to combine finishes, describe your choice here:

    4. Enter the dimensions of the staircase (mm).

    If necessary, check out the staircase measurement guide here.


    5. Select the direction of winding of the stairs

    6. Select the handrail position

    7. Select a railing model

    Check out the range of railing styles on the website. If you have found a suitable model, write its name in the text box. If you have not found a suitable model, we will specify the railing style when making the offer.

    8. Mark the railings of the upstairs staircase opening

    Tick the need for second floor staircase railings in the drawing.

    9. Select the location of the child safety gate:

    10. Choose an installation service

    The service includes measurement of the object, transport and installation of the staircase.

    11. Enter your contact details and submit your inquiry:

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